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World Peace of Course! Day 4

World Peace! It’s the standard, flippant response in our family when someone asks you what you want and you truly have no idea. World Peace! That’s what I want. Yet as I studied today’s scripture for Day 4 of Advent, I realize I truly have no idea what peace looks like. 

I often imagine world peace being a place without war, destruction, crime, or murder. I think of a quiet place where there are not people knocking on the bathroom door asking Mom for anything, but I realize that’s not really peace. There is so much more to this concept that today’s reading in Isaiah 11:6-10 makes me consider.

The imagery of a wolf living beside a lamb and a leopard lying down with a goat. That comfortable vulnerability that comes from having no fear. A world where each and every person recognizes and worships Jesus Christ is beyond even my greatest imagination. It is a promise from God where one day, a once little child Jesus Christ, will lead the world into perfect peace. A harmony of living where fear is abolished. Destruction and death are known no more. Only a life of peaceful coexistence and unity will prevail. 

Isaiah 11:9 tells us that one day the entire earth will be filled with an understanding of the Lord. And when that day comes, no longer will we see the turmoil of this life. Rather, we will see the peace that comes only through Jesus Christ. 

He is called Root, Rod, or Branch. He is the Messiah. He is the Savior of the world. He is the only begotten Son of God. He is love, peace, joy, mercy, grace, forgiveness, righteousness and all that is good. He is the Lord, who took on flesh, to save all who believe in Him. What greater gift can we unwrap this Christmas that the joy that comes from Christ our Lord.


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