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When did it happen?

When did it happen? When did our society become a place filled with stark comparison and horribly broken people? I’m not talking about physical brokenness; I’m talking emotionally broken and empty people. 

It seems to be an epidemic especially in women, and it matters not what their age or generation.

We are walking around in this world a shell of a human being, painted pretty and fashionably outfitted, but on the inside, we are empty, aching, and broken.

For so many women, it seems we are riding a train to nowhere and have no idea why we feel so worthless. We are quite simply going through the motions and wondering – wishing if there isn’t something more.

Well, my dear, there is something – rather, someone who can overcome all the emptiness and pain. Jesus!

How do I know? Because I too have fallen victim to the comparison game. In a world driven by social media, and outward appearances, I too have suffered from looking at those Facebook and Instagram feeds and feeling like I just don’t measure up.

I spent more than 40 years of my life being told that I didn’t measure up by the very one I desperately wanted to please – my Dad. There I was trying to be the best student, prettiest girl, have the best career, and the list goes on and on. I just wanted him to be proud. That just never seemed to happen.

In my career, I was so focused on trying to be successful that I failed to consider what success really meant. I thought I had to be a someone important, that I had to earn an amazing paycheck, and that I had to be absolutely invaluable to my employer. What did I learn? I would never measure up – at least that’s what I believed. That’s what the world was saying!

Then life began to change.

I can’t say the exact moment when the truth was revealed to me. To be honest, I think it was a slow change. Little by little, I shut out what the world had to say, and I started listening to what God had to say. 

When the world said, “you are not good enough.” God said you are “…justified freely by His grace through the redemption that came by Jesus Christ.” (Romans 3:24 NIV)

I heard the world say, “you are never going to be pretty enough or thin enough.” God said, “you are more than enough because you am fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139:14 NIV).

One by one all the lies that I allowed myself to believe were replaced by truths from God.

It took me nearly 45 years to realize that God sees my broken as beautiful because I am His daughter. He feels the same for you!

In God’s word, over and over again, He tells us that our identity is found in Christ Jesus, not in the expectations and demands of the world.

Our Father calls us, chosen, the apple of His eye, forgiven, blessed, one in Him, free, loved, purchased, redeemed, never alone, strong, created with a purpose, accepted, declared righteous, blameless, and part of His family.

My dear, do not go through one more day believing the lies of this world!

It is time to start hearing God and believing what He says. It is time to embrace who we are in Christ Jesus!

God changed my life as a result of a journey through a lifelong wilderness. It wasn’t easy, but He led me through the deepest, darkest, most treacherous valleys. Every step of the way He walked beside me. To be honest, I think part of the time He may have dragged me kicking and screaming. And I suspect a few times He just picked me up and carried me along the path.

These struggles we face are difficult, they leave us broken, and scarred, but I also believe that they make us beautiful in God’s eyes.

We are just like precious metals.

God pours the fire to us at times, but it’s to refine us. He makes us even more beautiful, more pure and more usable than ever before.

When did it happen? When did we begin believing all the lies of the world?

As far back as Adam and Eve my dear sister. But in Christ, there is a new question – a better question!

When will you let it happen? When will you allow God to change your life? Stop believing the lies and start trusting in who you are, in Christ.

I hope you will join me as we being a 31 day long Bible study called, “I am, in Christ.”

We will be spending 31 days, beginning June 26, in God’s word reading and learning from all the beauty we embody as daughters of Christ Jesus.

Each day we will be reminded that our journeys of the life are refining us. God is molding us into the women that He created us to be and we are beautiful in Him.

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