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What if I don’t have as much faith as Abraham?

It’s common for people, including myself, to say that we have faith. I have faith God will…fill in the blank. But can we even wrap our heads around true faith? I’m talking about biblical faith, like when Able offers Cain as a sacrifice to the Lord, or when Noah built the ark on the face of everyone calling him crazy. What about when Sarah discovers she was pregnant when she was well beyond the age to bear children, or when the Israelites marched around the walls of Jericho for seven days? Seriously y’all, SEVEN days! In our world today would anyone walk around the city walls for seven hours, let alone seven DAYS?

I being real y’all, I wouldn’t. I’d get cold, or my body would hurt, or I’d be hungry, and I’d give it up because nothing was happening. And the realization of this is convicting to me. I truly realize that my faith has to be deeper than my comfort. My faith must transcend my needs and overflow into my discomfort. Hebrews 11:6 says “Now without faith, it is impossible to please God…” but this isn’t t where God stops! No because of His immeasurable love, mercy, and grace, He continues on and says, “…since the one who draws near to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him.”

God says that if we…if I will draw near to Him and seek Him, He will reward me. He doesn’t say, that because I get in an uproar and grow inpatients that He is going to leave me out in the cold. Nope! He knew that I would grow impatient and that I’d question if I was hearing from Him or making things up on my mind. Nothing I say, do, or think will ever surprise Him because God knows me, and yet, He still loves me and will reward me with an eternity worshipping Him. So today, when you grow weary, lean into God. Seek Him – in confidence and in doubt, in confusion and in clarity, because He is always there, ready to receive the one who seeks Him. Even a little faith is still faith and that’s what God is asking for!

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