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What Does It Look Like To Trust God?

Woman walking down pathWhy is it so incredibly difficult to trust people?

Most likely you have found yourself in a place where people continually fail to meet your expectations. They let you down, they fail to follow through, and go back on their promises. So it makes sense that it will be difficult to trust people.

But what if there was a person who has never failed you. NEVER! Not once. Never has this person let you down, forgotten a promise, or fell short of your expectations. Wouldn’t you find it incredibly easy to trust that person? 

That person is God! 

Even when God has never failed us, and most certainly never will, I find myself continually trying to take life into my own hands. How about you?

God clearly knew that trust would be an issue for his children and this is why he includes the command to “trust in the Lord” over and again in scripture.

So what does it look like to trust in the Lord?

Trusting in the Lord means we do not worry or even grow angry when something doesn’t go our way, or when someone who does wrong appears to “win.”  It means that I throw out my agenda and my expectations and let God run with his.

Did you know that when we fail to trust the Lord fully, we lack peace and joy in the depths of our spirit? Why? Because we’re trying to do God’s job.

Have you encountered people trying to perform a job for which they are clearly unqualified? I most certainly have! What happens in these situations? Disaster! That’s what happens. 

Why then do we insist on trying to do God’s job when we are completely unqualified?

The answer is found clearly in Proverbs 3:5-6.“ Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

I must fully trust God with all of my heart. This means that I cannot hold onto my desires to “get even” or be stubborn and try to do it myself and my way. I must trust God to be God. 

Did you get that? We must trust God to be God and recognize that we are not.

Fully trusting God has nothing to do with our understanding, and everything to do with our getting out of God’s way. Many times his plans will not make sense to me. But we must remember that his plans are always perfect. 

When we submit to God; allowing him to be God and allowing him to be in control of our lives, then he will lead us down the clear and straight path. 

When we worry and fail to trust God to lead, it is then that the path can get a little crooked. Why?

I am confident it’s hard to make the path straight when God has to drag his unbelieving and untrusting child down the path he has for her. 

Lord, let me see the need to trust you fully and to stop trying to rely on me. Let me honor you by giving you control, and allow me to experience abundance peace and joy that comes as a result of letting you be God.

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