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Twinkle-less Lights and Day 3 of Advent

Have you seen those super cute new mini lights? They are adorning several end cap displays at my favorite store (you know the one with the red bullseye, right?) They come in assorted shapes and colors and are battery operated. I’ve been eyeing some for quite some time but was absolutely uncertain what on earth I would do with them. So I typically comment on how cute they are and then move along.

My Son and I were walking through the said store the other day when I once again came across those super cute lights. This time, they were even on sale! Alas, I picked them up and put them back down. What would I do with them? My Son immediately said, “Mom, you can totally use these for some of your blog and social media photos!” Well, you didn’t have to tell me twice! In the basket, they went.

As I prepared for a live video session the other night, I pulled my fabulous lights out of the box. They would make their way into my video! How fun would that be? Except they wouldn’t. You see I had no idea that the lights didn’t come with the batteries necessary for their operation. No power, no lights…no Bueno for this chick. 

As I began studying today’s scripture passage, God spoke to me through the example of my super cute, yet totally twinkle-less lights.  He reminded me that while we are called to be lights in this dark world unless we have the power of the Holy Spirit we will be unable to provide a single ounce of illumination. 

We walk into this time of year often spread thin. Rushing to and fro to store, parties, fellowships, family gatherings we can find it easy to seldom give a second thought to the meaning of Christmas. Yet Christmas wouldn’t even exist were it not for the birth of our Savior. Our light, like that of Jesus, comes as a result of the Holy Spirit resting upon us…taking up residence within. It’s His mighty power that allows our light to work. 

Isaiah 11:1-2 tells us this very reality. It tells the story of how a mighty kingdom fell. It was completely destroyed. Imagine a large tree. That kingdom or tree fell over and died, but the roots remained deep within the soil. One day a single branch would spring up from those roots of Jesse (Father of David). That single branch is Jesus Christ. That branch would have the Spirit of the Lord upon Him, and because of that Spirit Jesus would share all of the same characteristics of the Spirit. 

Even deadness can receive new life and hope through the goodness of God. Even the darkest of dark can be brightly illuminated by the power of God. This Christmas will you allow the Holy Spirit to provide the power to illuminate your light? Will you choose to celebrate the stem…that single branch, that grew up out of the root of the Lord and provided hope to a dying world? 

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for the hope that you provided a dead and dark world when you sent your Son, Jesus Christ to be born as the perfect lamb for me. Father, forgive me for losing focus in the midst of this busy season. Never let me forget that the reason for hope is Jesus Christ, Your Only Son. Amen.

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