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When doing a daily study for an event like Advent, often the scripture we review may appear redundant on the surface. Once you take time to go deeper…to ponder, dig, and ask God to reveal messages to your heart, it may all grow in understanding. It’s this type of reflection and chiseling away at meanings that have caused me to delay my daily devotional posts to you. I found myself consumed by the wisdom God was imparting and yet unable to put it all into cohesive thoughts.

My reflections were easily assembled into small “mini-posts” acceptable for social media, but were they something that would create a story suitable for the blog? It was tonight, after days of prayer, that the Lord spoke to my heart telling me it was perfectly “ok” to share my heart with you through a “mini-post” conglomeration. I hope you will join me as we walk through what God has revealed to my heart over the last several days.  

Day 20

“And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.” Luke 1:47

I had not recognized it until now. Mary, the mother of Jesus, realized she was no different than any other earthly woman.

Even the mother of God needed a Savior. She needed the Son, to whom she gave birth, to save her from her sins.

God often uses our children to minister to us. Mary was no different.

Day 21

Jesus Christ, Savior, Messiah had arrived!

There stood Simeon, the high priest, holding the Light of the World in his hands. The prophecy God had given was fulfilled,

There he was, wrapped in cloths, the Comfort of Israel had arrived. A season of praying and waiting for His arrival was now complete.

Simeon did not know that there would be to come another season of awaiting the Savior’s arrival. Today children of God should be anxiously awaiting the return of Jesus with the same expectancy Simeon had.

Do you pray daily asking God to let you see the Savior? Do you look with an expectation that God will answer your prayer? 

This Christmas let us not only celebrate the birth of our Savior. May we also celebrate with anticipation the reality that He is coming back! Let us, in faith, pray “God, let me see Jesus return. Come soon, Dear Father.”

Day 23

Jesus grew…those two words remind me to reflect on the humanity of my Savior. He was born into this world just like any other child. He was born just like my child.
His mother had to wrap Him like a baby burrito just as I did with my son. She had to rock Him, feed Him, and change His diapers. He was just a baby.
She watched Him grow. And He did! He grew in spirit, wisdom, and in favor with God, all while He grew physically from a baby into a man.
Scripture tells us that He was a smart child. Luke 2:47-48 points out that while He visited with teachers in the temple, He caused all who heard His words to be astonished at His great understanding. I wonder if they realized they were talking to God.
What would you do if you had an opportunity to sit and talk to God? To hear His wisdom and knowledge of the world in which we live.
Do you know that you can? You can talk to Him. He is there beside you. Simply trust, ask, and then be still and listen. He will reveal His Word…His wisdom to your heart.

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