~ Tonya is an AMAZING teacher. she breaks it all the way down like a fraction! i followed her when i was on IG, but now that i’m not, i’m happy she’s on fb live. what an amazing and encouraging child of God!

– Lorelai Evans

~ Such a lovely person with wonderful insights on the words of our Lord!  Thank you so much for all you do.

–  Nic O Lock

This was my first Advent Study ever and it was easier than I thought, Tonya used a very comprehensive, interactive and dynamic method, with very clear references and examples. The explanations and language made it very easy to follow and definitely made me want to continue learning and discovering all the things that God wants to tell me through the Scripture. Tonya’s Bible Studies are great resources for us who really want to get closer to God through His Word and I’m really looking forward to the next studies. Thank you Tonya!

-Marisol Cosio


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