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I Am, In Christ, Justified and Redeemed! (Day 1)

“I’ve done so much wrong, how could God ever love me or forgive me?” How often have you heard someone make this statement? Maybe you’ve let these words cross your mind. Or perhaps you find yourself comparing sins, believing that what you have done in life is far worse than anyone else, so how can… Continue reading I Am, In Christ, Justified and Redeemed! (Day 1)


God’s Lavish Love

Reflections of Romans 12 Because of God’s lavish love and mercy, my life should be radically different from the ways of the world. Transformed from the inside out, and living my daily life and my every breath as a sacrifice to Him. Pride should have no place in my life because it is only by God’s… Continue reading God’s Lavish Love

Bible Study

What Does it Mean to Be Transformed?

Transformation is a complete change in the appearance or character of someone. Transformation, in it's most dramatic form, occurs from the inside out. It is that proverbial caterpillar turning into a butterfly type metamorphose.  A person who has transformed changes so dramatically that they can often be unrecognizable, either in their appearance or their character. We… Continue reading What Does it Mean to Be Transformed?