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12 Verses Reminding You, You Are Worthy

Do you struggle with feeling like you are unworthy? I do. Just this week I sat in a ministry meeting with five women whom I love, admire, and know love the Lord. They are smart, wise, filled with the Holy Spirit, beautiful, talented, and love ministry. And then there is me. I'm usually confident with… Continue reading 12 Verses Reminding You, You Are Worthy

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Replacing the negative life labels

Get rid of the negative life labels When you have lived life controlled by negative life labels it can seem impossible to look above all of the mountains of mess and see the beauty of who you are. I call the negatives my "nots and uns"; standing for the labels following you're not. You know those… Continue reading Replacing the negative life labels

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Redeemed By Christ, He Changed My Name

As I sit scrolling through the life in pictures photos on social media, I begin to ponder life-changing moments. Most of my life has taken place at a time where meals and thoughts are not captured in tweets and grams. Rather, my life is etched in my heart and mind, and the box piled to… Continue reading Redeemed By Christ, He Changed My Name

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Why Shepherds?

When reading the Christmas story, it's impossible to forget that the shepherds are a part of the event. One of my dearest friend's little was a sheep in his preschool Christmas pageant. Shepherds are mentioned everywhere when it comes to Christmas, but why are they important? And why did the angels appear first to the… Continue reading Why Shepherds?