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How is Being Still a Reflection of Faith?

"Be still and know". We see that phrase everywhere; coffee cups, t-shirts, journals and more. We always interpret it to be quiet and know that God is in control. The problem comes when we know he is in control, but fail to put faith in his ability. Psalm 37:7 commands us to be still, wait… Continue reading How is Being Still a Reflection of Faith?

Bible Study, Encouragement

Do You Need Relief for the Weary?

Do you feel weighted down, burdened, exhausted and poured out? I've been there myself. I'm a wife, mom, small business owner, and serve as much as I can in ministry. I'd like to say I'm good at balancing all of it, but I'm just going to be real, I can't tell you how many times… Continue reading Do You Need Relief for the Weary?

Bible Study

Why continue in disobedience?

Why do we continue in disobedience when we know what is expected? The question enters into my mind more frequently than I care to admit. Why does humankind choose to ignore the rules; what we have been told is right for our entire lives, yet we decide to throw obedience away? In reading 2 Kings 17:24-31, it… Continue reading Why continue in disobedience?