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Coram Deo

When we fully embrace Coram Deo our prayer life should change. Then we will begin praying in faith with expectancy. So often we pray without the anticipation of an answer. We pray without looking for the miracle. In turn we pray without trusting God; our faith is weak and thus we never anticipate hearing from God.

Bible Study, Encouragement

Missing the Miracle

I'll be right here waiting. How many times do we say those words? "Go and get what you need and I'll wait right here." Or, "go and run that race honey, Momma will be right here waiting when you finish." So much of our lives is spent waiting for someone or something. So why is… Continue reading Missing the Miracle

Bible Study, Encouragement

Immediately Changed

Instant gratification. That's what we all want isn't it? We want to make decisions, attend meetings, start eating healthy, and see immediate changes. Most of the good things that happen in life are far from immediate. Often we have to work, save, and wait. Yet the very best thing that can ever happen in life… Continue reading Immediately Changed