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God’s Overwhelming Goodness

Time and again I stumble, fall, and find myself in the pit. You know the pit, don't you? It's that place where we often camp and have our pity parties. Let's be real, we all do it don't we? Life begins to throw those flaming darts at your head, and all you can do is… Continue reading God’s Overwhelming Goodness

Bible Study, Encouragement

Why does the rain soothe the soul?

Reflections of why the rain soothe's the soul. My plan was to run out this morning; go and get my nails done, stop at the store, and take care of general busyness. While I sipped on my coffee preparing for the morning in my favorite spot on the sofa, the skies grew dark and thunder… Continue reading Why does the rain soothe the soul?

Bible Study, Encouragement

Is there really hope for a future?

  His last breath on earth quickly turned to his first breath in heaven. It has been a day of both great celebration and deep mourning as Reverend Billy Graham, a mighty servant of the One True King, has passed from his 99 years of life on this earth to his eternal home in heaven.… Continue reading Is there really hope for a future?

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“What’s Your Word?” Bible Study Discussion #8

Steadfast love... Psalm 118 is an amazing Psalm. So rich in the promises of God. He pours His steadfast love upon us. He is our refuge and our help. What a beautiful Psalm of praise. Feel free to stop by the Encourage Her Ministry Facebook page for videos and updates. Also, check out the… Continue reading “What’s Your Word?” Bible Study Discussion #8