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I Am, In Christ, Chosen and Called – Day 9

Sometimes I lose my faith in the human race. Anyone else? People are so wrapped up in their own wants and needs that they fail to look at those around them. There are people hurting, lost, broken, and in need. Do you feel that way sometimes?  Some days I'm all about being the light in… Continue reading I Am, In Christ, Chosen and Called – Day 9

Bible Study, Encouragement

What Does It Look Like To Trust God?

Why is it so incredibly difficult to trust people? Most likely you have found yourself in a place where people continually fail to meet your expectations. They let you down, they fail to follow through, and go back on their promises. So it makes sense that it will be difficult to trust people. But what… Continue reading What Does It Look Like To Trust God?

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Sometimes You Need a Little Help

Some days ministry sails along without even a tiny bump in the road. Other days I need to fasten my seatbelt and hold on for the ride. While I know beyond a shadow of a doubt God will always carry me through, it's on those wild ride days that I have to pray especially hard.  The… Continue reading Sometimes You Need a Little Help

Bible Study, Encouragement

Joy in the Thorns?

Joy in the thorns? Thorns are piercing, cutting, and can profoundly wound. They scratch at the surface of whatever or whomever they come in contact. They puncture, injure and draw blood. So how exactly are we to find joy in them?  While studying 2 Corinthians 12 today, I found myself reading Paul's message about boasting in… Continue reading Joy in the Thorns?


How to Find Joy in the Mundane

Running errands, heading to the store, doctors offices, paying bills, it's all stuff that is part of this thing we call "adulting," and for most of us, none of these places are ones where we would say we find joy. These are the times we rush around or grumble about what needs to be done… Continue reading How to Find Joy in the Mundane