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12 Verses Reminding You, You Are Worthy

Do you struggle with feeling like you are unworthy? I do. Just this week I sat in a ministry meeting with five women whom I love, admire, and know love the Lord. They are smart, wise, filled with the Holy Spirit, beautiful, talented, and love ministry. And then there is me. I'm usually confident with… Continue reading 12 Verses Reminding You, You Are Worthy

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How is Being Still a Reflection of Faith?

"Be still and know". We see that phrase everywhere; coffee cups, t-shirts, journals and more. We always interpret it to be quiet and know that God is in control. The problem comes when we know he is in control, but fail to put faith in his ability. Psalm 37:7 commands us to be still, wait… Continue reading How is Being Still a Reflection of Faith?

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What Does It Look Like To Trust God?

Why is it so incredibly difficult to trust people? Most likely you have found yourself in a place where people continually fail to meet your expectations. They let you down, they fail to follow through, and go back on their promises. So it makes sense that it will be difficult to trust people. But what… Continue reading What Does It Look Like To Trust God?

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Sit on a Cactus Satan

There I stood praying; asking God to show me His will and to make my path clear. Then, I got into my car and began to drive away from a potential home for my family, I again asked the Lord to make His will known to me. "Make it clear Lord! Is this the place… Continue reading Sit on a Cactus Satan

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God’s Overwhelming Goodness

Time and again I stumble, fall, and find myself in the pit. You know the pit, don't you? It's that place where we often camp and have our pity parties. Let's be real, we all do it don't we? Life begins to throw those flaming darts at your head, and all you can do is… Continue reading God’s Overwhelming Goodness