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Replacing the negative life labels

Get rid of the negative life labels

When you have lived life controlled by negative life labels it can seem impossible to look above all of the mountains of mess and see the beauty of who you are. I call the negatives my “nots and uns”; standing for the labels following you’re not. You know those don’t you? You’re not good enough. You’re not smart enough. My list could go on for miles. The uns follow the same pattern, but I will spare you that list.

As a daughter of Christ, I know that I am not supposed to believe the negative labels and believe only the positive. The challenge is allowing my soul to believe the positive. My mind gets it. I can tell myself over and over not to believe all of the awful things that I was told and believed over the years. But genuinely believing doesn’t come from the mind. It comes from a much deeper place within. Belief comes from the soul.

God’s word is bursting with good news, great labels, and incredible hope. He speaks to promises and treasures He has for us. So why do we struggled so much to accept what God says? Why are we so willing to allow the negatives of the enemy to destroy our self-worth? I wish I had an easy answer to the questions, but even a woman who has been saved by the amazing grace of God for more than a decade cannot answer the puzzle.

Make a list of God’s character traits

What I can tell you is that I have become a list maker. I read scripture passages, and I make lists of God’s character and what He says about mine. I make lists of how He blesses me, and how He has changed me. Then, place those lists in a conspicuous place where I will see them frequently and then I read them to myself aloud. 

Today’s list comes from just seven short verses of scripture. Only 7 produce this list. So can you imagine what the list might look like for someone who reads an entire chapter or even an entire book of the Bible in the course of a day or a week? Ephesians 1:3-10 is the source for this list. I think once you read it, you too will agree that it is time to allow the list from God’s word to gain prominence in your life and for the uns and nots of life to be thrown away forever.

Here we go!


  1. Blesses me with the blessings of heavenly places
  2. Chose me before the foundation of the world
  3. Desires that I am holy and blameless before Him
  4. Predestined me to be adopted by Him through Jesus Christ.
  5. Blessed me with the gift of Jesus.
  6. Redeemed me through the blood of Jesus.
  7. By grace He forgives me.
  8. Lavishes me with His grace.
  9. Makes His will known to me.
  10. Has a plan for me. 
  11. Brings all thing together for me on earth and in heaven through Him.

Do you see it now? Feel like you’re not worthy? Well, get rid of that label! God chose you before the foundation of the world. Feel guilty? In God, you are declared holy and blameless. Feel like no one wants you around?  God loves you so much that He predestined you to be adopted by Him! He has given you the highest, most lavish gift anyone could ever give! His Son Jesus Christ. Talk about love!

My dear one, you are so valuable to God that He created you, sent His Only Son Jesus to die for you, and then if you are willing to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and walk filled by the Holy Spirit, He has bought and paid for you by the blood of Jesus! 

God has a plan, a purpose, and a promise for your life

No more negative labels! No more beating yourself down with negative talk; God has a plan, a purpose and a promise for your life. It doesn’t matter what anyone in this world says to you or about you. It only matters what God says. The Creator of the Universe loves you! All Mighty God adores you. You matter to Him, and dear one, you matter to me. So maybe it’s time for you to start making that list of all of the beautiful things God tells you in His word. I truly believe it will change your life and your labels.

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12 thoughts on “Replacing the negative life labels”

  1. What an uplifting post! ‪No more negative labels for those who are in Christ! ‬List making is one of the best tools of Bible study. It helps us to see EVERYTHING. Thank you for sharing these uplifting words!

  2. Hi Tonya,

    I’ve just read your thoughtful blog post “Replacing the negative life labels” – and I felt encouraged to leave a comment.

    This blog post reminded me of the importance of having an essential trust in God that we’re able to do what He planned for us to do while we’re here on Earth.

    I can relate to what you write about in this blog post.

    It’s like we are several persons in one person sometimes, but there’s always at least one voice saying you can’t do it.

    You’re right; the challenge is to allow oneself to believe that we’re OK and life can be good.

    It takes time to incorporate this habit of thinking, and as you rightly wrote:
    “genuinely believing doesn’t come from the mind. It comes from a much deeper place within. Belief comes from the soul.”

    This was also my favourite lines in this particular blog post because they’re so central to a good life.

    In your blog post, you ask: Why do we struggle so much to accept the positive side of what God’s saying?

    I can only answer for myself:

    I didn’t have the self-confidence to believe I deserved to be happy, or that I could think just as good as my friends.

    Today, I know I can, and I know I’m allowed to enjoy a good life.

    Another aspect I believe is a part of the explanation is that many in modern culture spend so many hours consuming TV.

    TV is filled with negativity.

    We get much more influenced by what’s surrounds us then we’re aware of.

    Therefore, it’s great to come across a blog post like this, where we’re reminded of the importance of seeing the good side of life.

    I have a slightly different approach to lists.

    For example, I do not use to-do-lists.

    I’m only using what-did-I-do-list, and for one purpose; to find something to be grateful for.

    I know this list of yours is different.

    What’s funny is that I’m more productive after I ditched the to-do-lists.

    I’m not saying this is THE way to do, but it has worked well for me.

    From your 11-points list, I’d say number 7 is my favourite (if I had to pick one) because the grace-aspect is what helps me most living my life.

    Christianity is for me to a large extent the story and sets of beliefs centred around a new beginning as many times as I need new beginnings.

    We’re valuable in God’s eyes, and He truly wants us to be happy and enjoy life.

    Thank you for this blog post, I gave it a share on Twitter.

    God bless,
    Edna Davidsen.

  3. Amen! Our identity is in Christ! Such a good reminder. I think it’s a constant battle to adjust my view of myself to what God says over what others or I think about myself.

    I consider having God’s view – as encouraging as it is – as humility.

  4. This is a bigger problem today than we might realize because of the media assault on our senses. We see ourselves through the media lens–and we perceive we don’t measure up.

    A great and necessary post. God bless!

  5. So very true! I love making lists and this list is the best one to make! To visually see our identity on paper seems to stick better with me. I also love to memorize scripture using the app, scripturetyper. It makes memorizing so easy and it renews my mind with truth. Thank you for this needed post! 🙂

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