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Reflection of Glory – Advent Day 14

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Memories of standing in an old Sunday school teacher’s house and singing Christmas carols by candlelight abound as I read today’s scripture passage. My heart’s reflections of O Holy Night evokes my wonder. Was that holiest of holy nights a quiet time? Was it a time and place where the world around was sleeping when the moment the cries of our newborn Savior pierced the night air? What must it have been like?

It was at that moment, the night of our dear Savior’s birth, that prophecy reached fulfillment. The Messiah had come. No longer was there an anticipation of His arrival. No longer did wonder crowd around what was soon to be. In that moment when Christ was born the messages of the God assuring the young Mary and Joseph were complete. It was at that moment a tiny baby in the arms of His mother now carried the weight of the world on those innocent shoulders.

O holy night is the night that was set apart from all others. One never previously nor ever since has been the same. It was on that night the brilliantly shining stars provided a tiny window into the glory of God. A single exemplary star shone brightly in the night sky, a symbol of God’s glory making way to earth. A compass for the shepherds and the wise men to reach the Savior’s side where they would worship the tiny King. 

It was on that divine night, the night when God came down from heaven, that the world long consumed by sin; aching in her suffering and pain, would find a thrill of hope. Those tired and worn souls rejoicing and finding immense value in the hope of a new day and changed lives because the Savior came.

Worship at His tiny side met by men falling on their knees in reverence of the infant King. It was that night that the angels celebrated His arrival. The stars shone brighter than ever before, and on that night all of the divine glory of God would be reflected by heavenly bodies dancing in the sky. It was that night; Oh night, when Christ was born.

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