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Perfect Gifts From The Perfect Father

For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable – Romans 11:29

A beautifully wrapped giftTalk about an attention grabber! God provides each one of us gifts and callings. Let me just be clear in saying that I needed to see read this message today. Yes, this Chick!

The one who on social media seems to have her life altogether. Yep, that Chick is anything but all together.

While snapshots of my life look amazing, I like so many of you struggle with understanding what God’s call on my life is all about.

I spend far too many days wondering if I’m abiding by His call, and living up to God’s plan for my life. Then Paul goes and writes this life-changing yet straightforward message from God. 

Yes, Paul wrote the book of Romans centuries ago, yet the message contained within its pages are just as applicable today as they were all the lifetimes ago.

When God provides a calling on your life, He doesn’t go back on it. It is irrevocable; no returns, exchanges or refunds. When God provides it, you are going to have it for the rest of your life. No matter what! God never goes back on His word.

God never goes back on His word!

Take a minute and consider what Paul was telling the church at Corinth when he was traveling on his missionary journeys. He ached in the deepest pit of his soul for Israel, the nation chosen by God, who would choose to reject Jesus Christ. Sound familiar? Sure sound like the nations today doesn’t it? 

As Paul writes, entirely inspired by God, a timeless message of hope is laid out for all people. A promise as relevant today asPen and Paper with Coffee it was in A.D. 57. Are you ready? You might want to grab a pen and write this one down!

Our hope comes from our Lord who freely offers each one of us the gift of salvation and our calling is being His children.

Did you get that? Seriously, don’t miss it. Our hope comes from the Lord who freely offers all people the gift of salvation. God calls us to himself! And, since God’s word is infallible, we know that this promise in Romans 11:29 is true!

When God gives us a gift, and we receive it, it will never be revoked. Never! Not because you messed up 30 years ago, or because you messed up today. When God calls us to Himself, that call remains on the table.

Romans 11:15 points out that even when God’s people have stumbled (insert you, me, the Jews, the Gentiles, the Israelites, any person who is a child of God), they are never beyond recovery as long as there is still breath in their lungs. Salvation is our gift forever if we will just accept it. 

Now, don’t get too crazy here. Irrevocable doesn’t mean you can go around acting like a heathen either. Just because God won’t revoke the gift of salvation doesn’t mean God won’t take you to the woodshed when you mess up. I mean really, what loving parent wouldn’t? Right!

The bottom line is, God loves you. When you accept His free gift of salvation, you are adopted by Him into His holy family. You are His child, and you will spend eternity with Him in glory.  He will never – ever stop loving you. He will forgive your sins if you ask, and here’s the best part yet, not only will He forgive your sins but He will not hold them against you.

Nope! He won’t bring them up at you months from now. He won’t tell you how you messed up that one time back in 1982. Nope! God loves you as His own child, adopted into His family. He heaps His mighty gifts of mercy, grace, love, forgiveness and everlasting life upon you, and then smiles because you are His. Now that’s what I call amazing grace!

What is different about God’s plan for salvation today versus in Paul’s time?

God’s plan for salvation is precisely the same today. Our calling is to live as representatives of Christ Jesus for all the world to see.

LighthouseCalled to be the light of the world shining brightly for Jesus. And called to live differently from the world. Yes, it often draws attention from the unbeliever. It is supposed to!

Because we are children of God our values, language, dreams, appearance, gifts, and calling is radically different from the world.

When we live up to our calling is when Jesus shines brightest through us. In the darkness of the world, the unsaved person sees Jesus (The Light of the World) in us. Those who see that light and don’t possess it will hopefully desire to have that same joy and light that illuminates the dark world from the depths of our soul.

Our job is to make others want the Jesus that we have.

Therefore, making others seek Jesus is the exact message Paul penned so many lifetimes ago, and it remains true today. Live like Jesus lived, love like Jesus loves, and lead the world to Him.

Remember how I said back at the beginning of this post that I struggle with knowing what God’s call for my life is? As I conclude this post I realize, I know God’s calling for my life. I just get bogged down in the expectations of the world. It’s not about jobs, money, cars, beautiful homes, or any other worldly possession or social status. My calling is to celebrate the gift of salvation that God has given me and to point those in the darkness back to the Light of the World.

Thank you, Lord!


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