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Peaceful Mountains and Gentle Rain – Day 8

Some folks love the beach. Not this chick. I’m a country mountains and rolling pastures kind of girl. I’m not a fan of the noise from the waves, nor the sand in everything. I’d rather listen to the birds, a brook trickling over rocks, and the sound of the cattle in the distance. I’m a country girl at heart. 

The mountains have touched my heart in profound places during the last couple day of our Advent study. Today, once again, scripture speaks of how the mountain will provide peace. I immediately find a relaxing image in my mind’s eye of this place scripture describes. 

“The mountains will bring peace to the people, and the little hills, by righteousness.” Psalm 72:3

The mountains play a key role in scripture. It was on Mt. Sinai that Moses met with God and received the 10 Commandments. It was also on a peaceful mountain where Jesus preached “The Sermon on the Mount.” We learned on Day 6 that the feet of those who bring the gospel are beautiful on the mountains (Isaiah 52:7), and today the mountains bring peace to the people.  Obviously, we can see a theme of the importance of mountains. The question is, “Why?”

I’ve always been told that the mountains allow us a place to feel closer to God. For some reason, I certainly feel closer to Him, and in greater fellowship with Him when I’m in those areas. When you consider that the mountains bring peace and that mountains surround Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus. I think it becomes apparent that God is often equated with these landforms.

Once I researched and determined that Bethlehem was surrounded by mountains, this concept of the mountains bringing peace overwhelmed my heart. Those hills are close to God. They were created by Him, for Him and His with purpose. He reaches down to them in Spirit. He pours His glory out upon them and uses them to guard and protect His chosen people. And, He provides us a calm, restful, tranquility in His mountains. Those words define peace.

Now consider yourself in this tranquil place where the presence of the Holy Spirit is thick. You can feel it resting on your shoulders and blanketing your soul. Then imagine a peaceful, gentle rain showering down over the earth.

“He shall come down lke rain upon the grass before mowing, like showers that water the earth.” Psalm 72:6

While reading this scripture, I think of a beautiful day in the mountains. A day that is warm, sun-filled and the rain begins to pour down gently upon the fields. The earth welcomes the refreshment and replenishment the rain provides. Our souls welcome the rain of the Holy Spirit in the same manner. It’s not a wonder that God’s word says the righteous will flourish and have an abundance of peace that comes through their Salvation.

God sent Jesus down from heaven. It was His grace, like a gentle rain and His amazing mercy that caused Him to reach down from heaven through His Only Son. There in the calm of a pasture, in a manger surrounded by cattle lowing and other sounds of His mighty creatures, our Savior was born.  It was that holy night, in the peace of the hills surrounding a city, that love was born, and peace took on flesh.

It is because of this amazing love that we are to forever revere our Father. Psalm 72:5 states it best. “They shall fear You as long as the sun, and the moon endures, throughout all generations.” From the very beginning of time, through the end…from generation to generation, we are to praise our Lord, for He is Holy! Somebody shout Amen.

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