Bible Study

Musings from Psalm 12:8

Wow! psalm 12:8 reaches out and grabs me. “The wicked prowl all around, and what is worthless is exhausted by the human race.”

What truth is embodied in this statement? As humans we spend so much of our lives lifting up people and things which have no eternal worth. They are worthless; absolutely meaningless, and yet we continue to lift them up.

Jobs, cars, money, celebrities, places, and possessions find substantial human attention. But what about our God?

God is eternal. God is perfect, timeless, priceless and deserves to be exalted above all. Yet, the human race fails Him time and again.

Lord, let my focus be on You and You alone. Let me live with my gaze firmly fixed on You. Let me never lose sight of how worthy You are of all my praise and worship. You are my creator, sustainer, my refuge and shield. May I always be true to You and Your Word. Be my refuge and my strength Dear Lord.

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