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Mighty and Merciful

John 11:35 is the shortest verse in the Bible. Yet, it may be one of the most significant at showing the humanity of Jesus Christ.

Jesus wearing at the death of His dear friend Lazarus shows the humanity of God. He hurt, cried, and grieved the loss of His dear friend. Even being fully God and possessing full power to raise Lazarus from the dead and restore him to newness, the reality of his death broke out Savior’s heart.

Such an experience shows us that God understands our heartbreaks. He relates to our tears because He too shed tears.

When Mary fell at the feet of Jesus heartbroken over her brother’s death, Jesus sympathized with her pain.

Then Jesus was able to do what only the One True God can. He demonstrated the merciful and powerful glory of God by raising Lazarus from the grave. A man who had been dead for four days already. A men whose body had already begun to decompose. By the power of God, and at His mighty command, Lazarus rose again and walked restored into life.

That mighty and merciful resurrection Power embodied by my Lord, who understands my pain and my headaches. Jesus loves deeply. I’m so very thankful He IS my God.

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