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Love Came Down

Each Christmas Eve I take time to contemplate. This year is a little different from any other. Dad is not with us this year. I wish I could say that I know He is with the Savior, but of that I am uncertain. He was unsaved until the final days of his life. All surrounding him offered him the peace and assurance that come only from Christ the Savior, but alas, I won’t know until I reach heaven if he finally pushed aside his hurt and bitterness long enough to change his eternity. 

This Christmas, I cannot help but consider where Dad may be, but that is not the most significant consideration of my heart. I have a longing that we all, no matter how young or old, will place our focus on the real reason for the Christmas celebration. It’s all about Jesus!

Yes, we celebrate His miraculous birth. Yes, we even celebrate the way the angels worshiped Him and the wise men traveling that rocky terrain for endless days just to bow before the Child. But do we celebrate the greatest gift of all? That gift is His humanity. 

God stepped down from heaven that day. He stepped from glory and peace that day. He willingly came down to live in this sin-filled world. He took on the role of Servant for you and me. He voluntarily bowed to the laws created for His people to follow, suffered ridicule, torture, and death. He was born to die for you and me. 

The greatest gift we could ever receive is that of the love of God. The love that stepped down from heaven to a dark and broken world. The love that was born and placed in a manger; not a sweet, soft infant bed, but a cold and dirty feeding trough. There the Savior of the world lay helpless, dependent on man, knowing what His future would hold, He remained willing to save us all.

This Christmas I encourage you to treasure this gift God sent to your life. Unwrap the joy He so selflessly gives. Treasure His promises and the hope they provide. Worship the father with your heart, soul, and mind. For love was stepped down from heaven on Christmas Day. That love would endure the brutality of the cross, suffer, and die. The grave could not hold that Savior no way! Today we are celebrating a Living Lord! Won’t you celebrate that hope and that joy?

Merry Christmas Dear Ones! I pray you unwrap the perfect gift and all of the joy it provides. The gift of our Savior. 

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