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Jesus, The Good Shepherd

I’m writing and doing some research about joy. There are multitudes of references about joy in scripture, but the ones that bring me the greatest joy are those which speak of the Lord being my Shepherd.

Shepherd is a term that encompasses a vast list of responsibilities and role my Savior provides to my life. He tends the flock. What does that mean to this “sheep?”

Jesus is my escort on the path of life. He guides the way no matter life’s terrain. He leads me showing me not only the direction to follow, but the way to live. He teaches me about love, hope, grace, mercy, sacrifice, selflessness, and so very much more. He is my caretaker. He recognizes my needs and meets them. He is my guard, my protector in a life where the enemy prowls around seeking to do nothing other than steal, destroy and kill the Shepherd’s sheep. He is my pastor. He worries about the condition of my soul. He has such an immense love for His sheep that He willingly sacrificed Himself so that we…so that I might live.

I love my Shepherd and He loves me. And so when His physical presence is absent for this life, I take the responsibility of tending and feeding His sheep seriously. He leads me and restores my soul. I follow Him. I feel His Spirit beside me, and through His amazing presence I find strength and equipping directly from Him so that I can feed His sheep.

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