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Are you ready to embrace who you are?

Online Bible studyI am crazy excited about our newest online Bible study called; I am, in Christ.

A few months ago I began praying that God would show me his desire for the next Encourage Her Ministry online Bible study. Would it be Psalms or Ephesians?

The more I tried to zone in on what I would teach, the more that God opened my eyes to women struggling with self-esteem and self-worth.

Boy, can I relate to that!

I spent most of my life dealing with the same issues. I often felt like I was unworthy. It was like I didn’t matter, was never going to be good enough, and didn’t deserve the forgiveness and love that the Lord lavishes upon his children.

It seemed every day that I met women with the same issues. I’d open social media and see friends talking about their struggles. I met with my ministry team and heard those women, who always seemed to have it together, sharing their hearts, and their fears. Worries about not being usable for God, not being good enough, and being undeserving filled the conversation. 

After many nights of prayer, the Lord, led me to scripture after scripture focusing on who he created me to be.

He reminded me that I am his daughter. I am chosen, appointed, adopted, forgiven, redeemed, and loved.

I am all of these things because I am in Christ.

God was speaking clearly! The next study would be not only for me but, for all women. The focus would be biblical truths that identify who each one of us is in Christ Jesus.

Join me beginning Tuesday, June 26 as we walk through 31 days in God’s Word celebrating who we are in Christ. You don’t have to do anything fancy. There will be twice weekly live discussions on Instagram Live and Facebook Live in addition to daily emails. But if you can’t catch them live, I will be providing links to the recordings for you. 

I cannot wait to walk with you through God’s Word and proclaim the truths of who we are in Christ. Don’t forget your tiara!

You are a daughter of the One True King, and that makes you a princess!!

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