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Immediately Changed

Instant gratification. That’s what we all want isn’t it? We want to make decisions, attend meetings, start eating healthy, and see immediate changes. Most of the good things that happen in life are far from immediate. Often we have to work, save, and wait. Yet the very best thing that can ever happen in life comes immediately.

In scripture, the word immediately always signals me to draw a box around the word! I want to know what happened without thought or waiting. What happened without the waiting in endless lines or traffic jams that was so life changing? Even the miraculous resurrection of Jesus took 3 days. However, the life changing miracles performed by Jesus while right here on earth happened immediately.

In Mark 2:1-12 we see four friends who bring their paralytic friend to a house in Capernaum where Jesus was. They had heard that He would be there, and they had also heard of the many miracles He had performed. When folks realized that Jesus was in the house, the place was packed to overflowing. Scripture says, “Immediately many gathered together, so that there was no longer room to receive them, not even near the door. And He preached the word to them.” (Mark 2:2)

The house was so packed that there was no possible chance of getting near Jesus. So these friends did something that I don’t think many of us would have ever considered doing. They took to the roof! Yep! They climbed to the roof and cut a hole in it. Literally cut a hole in the roof big enough to allow the pallet on which their paralyzed friend lay to pass through. Then, they carefully lowered him down into the house near Jesus.

All I can imagine is the Mission Impossible theme song playing as these men prepared the rigging for the pallet, scaled the house, and began to cut the roof open. In a time without power tools, I’m certain this was quite an undertaking. So how would all of this be received? Wouldn’t you and I be wondering what would happen if this didn’t work? Here I am thinking, “what if I get arrested for destroying the roof?” “What if we drop Steve, or Bob, or whatever his name was?” “What if Jesus doesn’t heal him?” What if’s of life often overwhelm us to the point to failing to put our faith in full gear and stomp on the gas.

Not for these friends! Scripture doesn’t say that they wondered, worried, contemplated or considered anything other than how to get their friend to Jesus. These men had some serious soul shaking faith in the Son of Man!

So what happened when Jesus saw this man who was lowered from the roof laying, paralyzed on this pallet? Jesus never questioned anyone. Not their reasons, not their motivations, not why on earth they cut a hole in the roof. No! He told this paralytic man that because of their faith…the faith of the friends who moved, what must have seemed like mountains, to get their friend to Jesus that his sins were forgiven.

Oh, but Jesus did not stop there. It wasn’t simply, “you are forgiven, now move along.” Nope! He then told the paralytic, “I say to you, arise, take up your bed, and go to your house.” Now take note here. Jesus didn’t say, “you’re healed”. He didn’t wave a magic wand, or do anything to even draw attention. There was no hocus-pocus going on here. The mighty power of God manifested in Jesus Christ, the Son of God healed this man! Even greater is what happened next.

“Immediately he arose, took up the bed, and went out in the presence of them all…”(Mark 2:12). There was not wondering if it worked, no questions as to whether Jesus actually healed this man. This man faithfully accepted the command of Jesus without delay. Immediately he stood up, grabbed his bed and headed out into the presence of all of the people who were there.

It’s not a wonder that the people “…were amazed and glorified God saying, ‘We never say anything like this!’ ” (Mark 2:12) I want to have that kind of faith! I want to have immediate faith. Faith that makes me trust so tremendously in Jesus and His mighty resurrection power that when He tells me to get up, I don’t question Him. I don’t want to delay and contemplate. I don’t want to loose the desire. No longer amI willing to complacently sit by and let mountains (or roofs) keep me from experiencing all that

Jesus has to offer. Dear One. It’s time to have faith enough to allow Jesus to change us immediately. Not tomorrow, not next week, next month, or next year.

Lord Jesus, change me Now! Let me have enough faith to trust in you no matter what challenge in see that could stand in my way. For you Lord, and You alone have to power to overcome all hurdles. Even roofs. Amen!

Written by Tonya Andrews, Encourage Her Ministry

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