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How to Prepare for the I Am, In Christ Upcoming Bible Study

Woman reading her Bible in the countryDo you know that you important?

As we prepare to begin our I am, In Christ Bible study, I want you to know that you are important. Claim it! Shout it! Allow your heart and mind to believe this truth.

God created you with intentionality, purpose and loves you with a mighty love. That means you matter to Him! How do I know?

Because God doesn’t make junk! 

As you prepare to begin our study on Tuesday, it is important to prepare your heart and your mind. 

  1. Talk to God every morning upon waking and every evening before you go to sleep and thank Him for who He created you to be. Ask Him to open your heart to all He will reveal to you in the coming weeks.
  2. Download the I Am, In Christ reading (plan by clicking on this link)
  3. Consider making a sticky note with each identity proclamation we will study (located in the right-hand column) and each day put them in a visible place. Your bathroom mirror or refrigerator is a great place where you are sure to see them.
  4. Set aside time in your daily schedule for 31 days, beginning June 26, to read God’s word. 
  5. Be prepared each morning during the study to thank God for who He created you to be, and for the specific attribute of the day.

Here is a sample prayer if you are unsure of where to begin:

Lord, I thank you for creating me with a plan and a purpose. I thank you for your overwhelming love. I pray that you will open my heart to hear from your word during this study. Please take away my doubts and insecurity and replace them with the joy of who you are and who you created me to be.

I look forward to this journey as you embrace who you are in Christ!

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