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High and Lifted Up

Such amazing grace! Our mighty Lord sat on a throne in harmony with The Father and the Holy Spirit. He was high and lifted up! The train of His holy robe so grand that it filled the temple. His glory illuminated the heavens.

?Then one day, in absolute humility and obedience our holy Lord stepped down from the heavens into a dark, cold, sin-filled world.

?No greater love has ever been demonstrated.

?He arrived, was born of a woman in need of a Savior to a world in need of saving, yet He would face scorn, condemnation, torture and death on Calvary.

?Amazing love was born as a helpless baby, dependent on a broken world to provide for a heavenly King.

?The Savior of the world humbly became a man. Holiness and perfection clothed in flesh.

?He would face trials, struggles, suffering and death. He would face all that sin consumed man would endure. Yet, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World was different.

?Death could not hold Him! The grave burst open as our Savior and Lord stepped out of death and into heavenly, glorious eternity.

?High and lifted up He will be forever more! We were created to worship our King. And one glorious day, He is coming back.

?Behold one day He will come not into a cold, silent night. Not wrapped in cloths to sleep where creatures dined. No!

?He will return with a fanfare of Holy trumpets! At that moment, every knee, believer and unbeliever alike, will fall down before Him and proclaim that Jesus Christ is King!

?It was that O Holy Night when the stars shone brightly that our Savior was born. It will be that glorious and holy day, when He will return.

?This Christmas, worship Him with the admiration our Lord is due. For He is high and lifted up and sitting at the right hand of the Father, and one day soon, He will come to take His children home.

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