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What Happens When I Am Not Faithful?

“If we are faithless, He remains faithful…” 2 Timothy 2:13

Faithfulness is a word common to scripture. I read that it is mentioned at least 277 times. Apparently, it is an essential concept if God felt the need to mention it hundreds of times. I’d like to say that it is easy to be faithful to God, but that would be a bold-faced lie. Even though I try to live an upright and godly life, I fail miserably every day.

Being faithful is about being unwavering. It is choosing to stand beside God even when there are so many other things that want to take my time and my energy. I’m just going to be transparent here. I am a believer in Christ; a saint; a child of God. However you choose to say it, I have accepted Christ as my Savior, and He has forever transformed my life. He changed me when I met Him and I will never be the same. 

So if being radically transformed by God is so phenomenal, why do I fail to remain true to Him? Quite simply, sin. I am human; a descendant of Adam. It is in my DNA to be a mess, but that shouldn’t stop me. Yes, from the very beginning of time my forefathers failed to remain faithful – true to God. Yes, they messed up on a regular basis, and so do I. 

No, this is not an excuse to live like the world.

God tells me in His word that He knows I am going to fail Him. Time and time again He reminds me not to put anything before Him. Not to fall victim to false teachings, and not to waiver in the firmness of my faith in Him. Just like any kid receiving instruction from her Father, I don’t always listen. 

I’m guilty of putting “stuff” of this world ahead of my God. I’m guilty of complaining about situations and the struggles of this life. I’m guilty of calling my friends to seek guidance in a mess and calling on God as a last resort. I’m a broken, guilty, unfaithful wreck. But – God still loves me. Why? Because even when I am faithless, He is faithful.

It is when I remember how very faithful my Father is that I hang my head in shame. Lord, I fail you every day. Lord, I stomp my feet and grumble when things don’t go my way. I complain I fret, I fear, and I gripe. I lose sight of the reality that You lovingly sent your Only Son to die on the cross for me. He took all of the torture and burdens and death so that I would live. I am nothing apart from You. You would have every right in the world to shake Your head at this disobedient, unfaithful child and walk away, but You never will. Because You are God.You are loving and merciful and faithful and kind. 

What happens when I am not faithful? God still loves me. He is faithful enough for both of us. It is in the times when I want to crumble because I fail to be steadfast and true to Him that He bends His ear to my cries. And like any loving Father, God wipes my tears away, lifts me back up, and tells me that it is ok we will try to do better from now on. It’s His unfailing love and faithfulness for me that makes me want to take every ounce of talent God has every provided me and use it all up sharing Him with the world. He has enough faithfulness for us all. 


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