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Good Morning Sunshine, It Has Been a While

Good morning Sunshine!

I hope you have been well! I have to say that as I get older, the days seem to move more quickly. Have you had the same experience? That’s not to say that God hasn’t been good – He has blessed me beyond measure.

This morning I was awake well before my usual time. Our air conditioner with the fancy computerized thermostat decided to clear out the normal, preset schedule, and set itself to cool to ZERO degrees! Now I love a cool room to sleep. Nothing is better than snuggling down in the blankets and next to my hubby while resting. But ZERO! That was a bit much when the weather here in the South has been a constant 95 degrees with 55% humidity (so much for the first day of fall). So as my teeth began to chatter at 4:30 am, I reset the thermostat and tried to go back to sleep. Tried without success.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I can’t sleep I begin to try and get comfy and then my mind begins to run. Normally somewhere between my grocery list and all that I need to do that I have forgotten, I take time to talk to God. Yes, I know I should talk to him first, but that’s a story for another day! But today God spoke to me and pointed out that while I’ve remained very active on social media, I have neglected the blog community. My question was, “why?” I love y’all and your feedback. I’ve loved connecting with people all over the world, so why neglect the blog?

Quite simply – I’ve changed and I wasn’t sure how to express it.

That really doesn’t make sense does it? I’ve changed and all of social media noticed it, but I didn’t take the time to put down my thoughts here – in our forum. Why? All I can muster is that I thought y’all might not be interested, and then I heard God tell me to get over that! My change was a result of his call on my life, just like this blog! So it’s time to change all areas of my life. Y’all, I’m putting it down right here in digital blog land! God has called me to help others. Shocking isn’t it? (insert sarcasm).

Hasn’t EncourageHer Ministry always been about helping others? Absolutely! Helping others to grow in their walk with the Lord. Helping others to embrace their worth because they are children of the One True King. And now – God has called me to become a counselor. Yep! As my husband says, I’m going to be a psycho. Well, not exactly dear! After years of counseling others in an informal way, I’m back in college (which isn’t easy 25 years later) and working to complete my degrees in Psychology and get my LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor).

So how does my change impact EncourageHer? Well, it does and it doesn’t! I’m still going to be encouraging you in the Lord, and in growing in your walk with him.

A relationship with God is the MOST important relationship you will ever have.

At the same time, you will begin to find posts relating to mental health, encouragement for depression, anxiety, fear and all of those other things that plague us in this broken world. You will also find educational materials, and ways to get help if you are in need.

So, that’s the scoop on what has been going on around EncourageHer.

I hope you will find that this added focus on mental health is going to be helpful. I want to be real with y’all – I struggle. I’ve battled depression, anxiety and ya’ll, I’ve been a serious mess due to years of emotional abuse. But if there is one thing I have learned it’s this phrase – But God…

It doesn’t matter that life feels impossible – God changes everything!

God can heal our every wound. God can make the mountains crumble. God can make a winding path straight. God can make the impossible, possible. If you are here and you are reading this, he is not done with you yet! So you hold on Sister! If God can take my broken and make it beautiful, he can do the same for you! How do I know? Because he did it for me, and he will do it for you!

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