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Go tell it on the mountain! – Day 6

“Voices! Listen! Your scouts are shouting, thunderclap shouts, shouting in joyful unison. ”
Isaiah 52:8 The Message

As the Christmas season is upon us, I cannot read today’s scripture passage about the feet of those who bring the good news being upon the mountains, without thinking of the song, “Go Tell It On The Mountain”. God’s Word tells us that those feet are beautiful. They (those feet and the people with raised voices attached to them) provide proclamations of peace, salvation and good news! 

The good news goes back to the very moment Christ was born. A Savior had come to save the world! It was time for the world to rejoice, sing, and unwrap the joy that came down in the form of a baby on that special day. 

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to the whole creation.” Mark 16:15 

As an adult, Jesus would command us to lift up our voices and to go out and share the good news. The good news would go from great (Jesus saves all of those who believe in Him), to incomprehensible when He died upon the cross as the Perfect Lamb, taking on all of our sins so that we would have eternal life. 

Jesus is our comforter, Jesus lifts us up and rescues us from eternity in hell. And only Jesus has overcome death. The tomb is empty! Somebody shout Hallelujah! It was God who reached His holy arm down from heaven so that every person, in every corner of this world He created, would have the opportunity to live with Him in glory forever!

You see, it truly is impossible to look at the manger and not see the cross. The manger provided the path…new life, to death, raised again to new life! It is this very example provided by Jesus Christ, that will be our lives if we choose to unwrap the gift of eternal life provided by the Father. 

Today, I encourage you to celebrate our Savior. Choose to be a vessel for the Lord and obey the call to go and share the gospel. Shout it from the mountain tops, Dear One! Jesus Christ is Lord! Now that’s what Christmas is all about! Even greater is this truth; the joy and anticipation don’t end on Christmas Day. Jesus Christ is coming back for God’s children! Are you ready? Are your awaiting with expectant anticipation?  

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