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How is Being Still a Reflection of Faith?

“Be still and know”. We see that phrase everywhere; coffee cups, t-shirts, journals and more. We always interpret it to be quiet and know that God is in control. The problem comes when we know he is in control, but fail to put faith in his ability.

Psalm 37:7 commands us to be still, wait patiently and fret not. What does this mean?

1. Being still before the Lord equates to fully surrendering to him. It’s about being calm, motionless, no longer battling physically or mentally, and looking to God. Give him the control then stand back and watch him work.

2. Waiting patiently for the Lord is an absolute demonstration of faith in God. It means that we will wait in quiet, calm, unrushed, unworried stillness. It is about faith in God. We must exhibit a calm, quiet trust.

3. Fret not. This command is usually interpreted as do not worry, but it goes a step further. It means that we are not to worry continually, allowing evildoers to grate on our nerves. It’s all about trusting in God’s goodness and his justice.

Being still, waiting patiently and not fretting in action means that we, as children of God, not only believe that he is God, but also trust in him.

We must trust God’s ability and his timing. It’s all about having faith in who God tells us he is, in his ability to do what he tells us he will do, and then quietly standing back and letting him do it.

Remember that God’s timing is not our timing. His justice is not our justice, and above all, when he promises he will do something, then it’s our responsibility as his children to get out of his way and let him do it!

God does not require our help or our suggestions. He requires our surrender. He will take care of the rest.

*Will you put your faith and trust in God? Will you leave your preconceived ideas of what he should do and in what time he should do it, and stand back quietly allowing God to be God?

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