Bible Study

Even in the Darkness?

Rejoice in the tests and trials?

How often do we read this and think “why should I rejoice in the horrible times?”

You know, I’ve heard it said that in the darkest of times the Lord’s glory shines the brightest. I believe that is true. Not because his glory is greater in the dark than in any other time, but because in the light, it’s easy for our humanity to look past the brightness. It’s easy to ignore the light or even shield our eyes from it when it’s light. But in the darkness, we can’t help but see the light. We seek it – a light to show us the way out. That way always has been and always will be Christ. But in the dark, His light cannot be overlooked. So in the darkness; in the times of trials and suffering, rejoice in the Lord and His glory that He so willingly showers over us.

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