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Even If…

As we look back over 2017, I’d like to share some of my favorite moments of ministry, growth, and revelation from God this year. Here is one of my favorites!

Sometimes your greatest blessings can come from the most unexpected places and experiences. Recently I had the distinct joy of attending a women in ministry retreat with a young woman I’ve been disciplining. Chelsea has the sweetest spirit and a tremendous love for the Lord. (She has approved me sharing this story with you.) This weekend was to be all about refreshing both of us in the Lord and spending time reflecting on His goodness.

One morning during our time in chapel, our guest speaker prayed many blessings over us. She spoke of all of the goodness of our Mighty God, and the joy that only He can provide. As this session approached a conclusion, God began to move her heart in a mighty way, and tears overtook her beautiful eyes. Amazing, incredible, cleansing, healing tears. Many sweet women gathered around Chelsea to hug, counsel, and encourage her, including me.

Soon we moved our group into the nearest ladies room in an effort not to distract from our next speaker. It was there, in that beautiful quiet ladies room turned chapel, that God sent a lovely message to Chelsea through me. Y’all Praise the Lord! I know that the message came directly from Him because I certainly had never thought these words. I was blessed to be a conduit used by Him to speak His hope!

Chelsea began to pour out how she lived paralyzed with fear. How the “what ifs” of life were keeping her from living life fully. How fearing being left or losing those she loved most kept her from fully enjoying the life with them God had provided. “What if” kept pouring out with her tears. And suddenly I looked at her and said, “Chelsea, it’s not “what if,” it’s “even if”! Even if the greatest fears of our life come true, God is in control. Even if we have to face devastation, God is still on the throne of Heaven. Even if the worst you could ever begin to image happens, God will carry you through by His mighty grace, love, and mercy.

It seemed a light came on in her sweet spirit and her eyes lit up! And at that moment, Chelsea decided that she would no longer live in fear. She would replace “What if” with “Even if.” As we pulled away from our retreat to travel back home the next day, she proudly proclaimed that there was a lot of “stuff” that was staying there. Fear was one of those things. No longer would she live in fear, for she fully trusted God. When the enemy tried to use fear as a weapon against her, she would from now on use her armor against him wielding her shield of “Even If” to send him packing.

Praise God that He is forever on the throne, that He is forever walking beside us, His Holy Spirit living within us. He can move mountains! Even if…

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