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But God…

Oh the magnitude of those words, “but God.”

He didn’t have to. He was in no way obligated. But God, by His rich mercy, His unending love, and His steadfast and abundant grace chose to save me! He CHOSE to save me! A woman lost in a world of sin, trampling on all that He held dear.

That woman who was broken and dirty was viewed by Almighty God as someone worth saving. Not another soul would see me through the gracious eyes of God. But He, the Lord of all creation, loved me.

He was willing to reach down from His heaven of beautiful, peaceful, love and perfection. He loved me so much that He sent the Lamb of God to take away my sin! Not because I deserved it. I never would. Not because I earned it. I never could. But God, the King of all, looked at me as worthwhile. He saw me as worthy of love, worthy of grace, worthy of life with Him forevermore.

Behold the Lamb of God who takes away our sins. He saved me, and He will do the same for you. Just simply ask, but God…

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