Blessed are the Humble

There Jesus was standing on a mountainside and being surrounded again by the crowds. Those multitudes had such faith in Christ. They sought Him out, followed Him on foot from the cities to the county and beyond in hopes of hearing Him teach, and in hopes of healing.

I can only imagine what the environment was like when He opened His mouth to speak. I’m certain a bush must have called upon the crowd as they leaned in to hear from Him.

That mountainside became a pulpit, the earth holy ground. Time was irrelevant as Jesus spoke the blessings (Greek: Makatios: happy; fortunate; to be envied).

The first and foundational behavior for such blessing was to be poor in spirit; humble. Humility is not being proud or self-satisfied. Oh how relevant this direction is even more than 2000 years later. How frequently are we caught up with pride? How tragic is the fall that often follows? For those who exhibit humility there is a promise that they will inherit the kingdom of heaven.

What is the kingdom of heaven? Certainly it is eternal life in heaven with our Father. Yet there is a present experience for our souls that comes as a result of being filled by the Holy Spirit. Peace and joy blanket the heart, mind, and soul of the humble for they can anticipate eternity in the kingdom of heaven.

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