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5 Bible Study Tips

Do you want to study the Bible, but struggle with understanding what you are reading? I hear this question time and again. So, I’ve prepared a free download to aid in your Bible study time. You will find my tried and true top 5 tips for better understanding what you read during your study time.

  1. This step is the easiest, yet the most often missed step in the study process. Before you ever open your Bible, take time to pray. Ask God to reveal an understanding of His word and His message to your heart. 
  2. Read the passage of scripture. You will want to read it entirely through at least once before you begin to study the meaning. A great help is also writing down the scripture in a journal. This gives you a note page on which you may mark and add notes.
  3. Read any notes and cross-references passages on the scripture(s) you are studying.
  4. Make a note of any words you don’t understand or know the meaning of. I like to draw a box around the word(s) in my journal to help them stand out to me.
    • An added tip is to look up commonly used words that you just “assume” you know the meaning of. Words like grace, joy, mercy, and sanctification may mean even more to you when you look up the definitions.
  5. Create a paraphrase of the scripture passage using your own words. This is an excellent addition to your journal page and helps cement the meaning of the scripture in your mind.

I’ve also added two ways to deepen your study further. I hope this will help you in your time spent with God and aid you in a deeper, more meaning understanding of His word. 


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