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Behold – Advent Day 12

Writing the blog for each day of Advent is usually pretty smooth. Yet tonight I struggle to focus on the process. Instead, I cannot help continually return to four words found in today’s scripture reading. “Behold He is coming.” (Malachi 3:1b) 

That word, behold. It always stands out in scripture, yet tonight it nearly jumps off of the page and grabs hold of my arms. It captivates my mind to think about the reality that Jesus is coming! Over and over again in scripture, this prophecy is repeated. My heart can only ask, “am I prepared for Jesus’ return?” Am I prepared for the trumpet to sound? I don’t even know if prepared is the correct world. I guess the greater questions is, “Do I have my life right with God?” Dear Friend, do you?

Jesus tells us in Revelation 22:7 “Behold, I am coming quickly!” Again in Revelation 22:20 He says, “Surely I am coming quickly.” Because the Bible is absolute truth and inspired by God, I know that Jesus is coming back again. For everything that God promises happens. The prophecy told us that the Messiah would come to the world to save us all. and Jesus did come. He came down and lived among us. Born a baby, grown into a man, and serving God while being fully God, Jesus suffered in this life so that He might be able to understand our pain; our suffering and temptation were full experienced by Him. Yet, He never sinned.

Yes, Christmas should always have a focus on the baby Jesus. It is a celebration of His birth. A celebration of the greatest gift mankind would ever receive. The gift of forgiveness…salvation. Let us not stop marveling at the overflowing grace of God the other 364 days of the year. Let us never lose sight of the truth! There is still one piece of the prophecy to be fulfilled. Jesus is coming back. 

Advent is about anticipating arrival. While we look forward to the day we celebrate His initial arrival, let us never fail to anxiously await His second coming. What a glorious day that will be for His children. Are you ready?

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