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Abundant Living Requires Eyes on the Lord

The kingdom of Judah; A nation created with the purpose of praising God. It’s right there in the name.  Judah in Hebrew is yada, “to praise.” In English, it hold the meaning “let Him (God) be praised.” Upon reading this definition of Judah, my heart moves to America. We too were a nation created to be under God. A nation created to bring Him glory and praise. Yet, just like Judah, we have sadly failed. 

The message God provides through the prophet Isaiah is as clear today as it was thousands of years ago. The time has come that we must keep our eyes on the Lord and tune our eyes to His voice. 

While reading and studying Isaiah 1, I continued to be moved by verses 2-4. God put a paraphrase on my heart that I would like to share with you. Then, I will share some practical application.

All of the heavens and earth should listen. The Lord has spoken. He has raised up His children and provided them manna in the wilderness. Still, they have turned from Him.

Even a stupid ox knows and respects its master. Even a donkey has enough sense not to wander. If the animals are smart enough to remain with their master, why not Israel? Why not you and I? God’s own people fail to keep their eyes on Him.

Judah, a nation created to praise God, is instead weighted down by their sins. They have become a people consumed by even and corruption, and have turned their back on the Lord and driven Him to anger.

Do you see it friend? Do you see the warning and the urgent message of this passage? The Almighty God is worthy of all of our praise. We, His children, have allowed the things of this world to obscure our vision and remove our focus from God. It is time to live like children of the King! No longer shall we turn our backs and our ears from Him and His great message. We were created to praise Him. 

It is time to recognize that Our Father is holy, holy, holy! He is high and lifted up and should be greeted by an explicit reverence from deep within our hearts. Friend, we are missing out on fully experiencing the abundant life God has for us because we lack attention, obedience, and a desire to seek Him. 

Do you desire abundance and joy in your daily walk with the Lord? Then stop letting this world consume you. It’s time to schedule the time to unplug from social media; to unbusy ourselves with constant running to activities and instead make time spent with God our priority. Everything in this life is temporary. It will all pass away in a blink, but life with God is eternal. Let us make the Father the most important person on our list. Let our prayer and worship be the most pressing activity in which we participate. 

Only when we return to the children who focus on God alone, will we be blessed with the abundant and purpose-filled life Holy God created for us. So this new year, I’m going to schedule the time to spend with God each day. It will be a meeting time which I guard, a time that is holy and of utmost importance. My time with Him should never be replaced.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m realistic. I’m a wife and a mother. I understand that there are instances in which my time with God may be shifted or even cut a little shorter than normal. Things happen in this world. But even then, I commit to never take my eyes off of Him. 

Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4  



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