For Unto Us a Child is Born – Advent Day 2

“For unto us a Child is born.” (Isaiah 9:6) I am mesmerized by the reality that Christ, the Child, was born to us. You and me. God sent Him for you and me. Just take a moment to consider that. All Mighty God sent this Child to earth for you and me as a gift. 

This scripture goes on tell us that the government would be on His shoulders. This sweet Child; this gift would truly bear the entire weight of the world on His shoulders. He would possess all of the power of God right here on earth, and nations would look to Him. Or shall I say they were supposed to look to Him. Yet to this day, many choose to be blinded by their sin and miss His majesty.

He is called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. He bears a multitude of names and has power over all of creation. Yet, He still loves us. He is described as astonishing by some. Supernatural, magical, and even a mystery. Even so, He is a gentle helper and friend who walks beside us every moment of our lives. He is our intercessor before God; pleading the case and cause of each one of His children before the Father.

Oh the amazing reality that sweet Child born in a manger is the Prince of Peace. He is embodiment of quiet tranquility, comfort, harmony, joy and contentment. Even still, His body is scarred by the wounds He would later wear as He wore all of our sin and shame on the cross. 

This Christmas I am reminded that we serve a risen Savior! The manger made a way for the cross, and the cross led to the tomb. The empty tomb! For our Savior lives! He is Majesty and Power and Grace. His glory shines so brightly that all who walk beside Him will also shine. Because of our Savior, we are forever blessed with the gift of life, love, friendship, and a father who loves us with wild abandon. Won’t you unwrap the joy found only in Christ Jesus.

Yes Dear One, a baby truly did change everything.

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