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Joy in the Mourning

Until tonight, I never realized that the mourning referenced in Matthew 5:4 doesn’t’t mean mourning the death of a loved one. Rather, it’s mourning sin…my sin. When I mourn my own sin, and the reality that it breaks the heart of God, I have a truly repent heart. In my repentance, Jesus tells me that I will be comforted by God.

Comfort in Hebrew is nechamah; consolation. Consolation in Greek is paraklaysis. Don’t miss this! It means a calling to one’s aid; encouragement; joy; gladness; being close beside.

Bottom line? When I mourn my sin…when it breaks my heart, I am repentant and cry out to the Lord, He comes beside me! He forgives and encourages me. Like a true Father, God comes to my side and calms my broken heart replacing pain with joy and gladness!

Once again God shows me that in my weakness I am strong through Him! He goes before me and walks beside me, even when I mess up and break His heart.

Now that IS a mighty, loving God! Somebody shout Amen!

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