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Why does the rain soothe the soul?

Reflections of why the rain soothe's the soul. My plan was to run out this morning; go and get my nails done, stop at the store, and take care of general busyness. While I sipped on my coffee preparing for the morning in my favorite spot on the sofa, the skies grew dark and thunder… Continue reading Why does the rain soothe the soul?

Live Bible Study Video Replay

Where are the Bible Study Videos?

Hello, Encourage Her Ministry Family! In an effort to make it easier for you to locate videos for the replay of the LIVE social media Bible study sessions, I have decided to streamline. What does that mean for you? You can now find all of the videos in one location, our YouTube Channel I have… Continue reading Where are the Bible Study Videos?

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Are You Thirsty?

A musing for today: It is the Living Water that comes only from The Bread of Life which will keep us eternally from thirst. His sacrifice was beyond comprehension, His love greater than the water in the oceans. His obedience to the Father, perfect. Oh the joy that He chose me; a single voice in… Continue reading Are You Thirsty?

Bible Study

Why continue in disobedience?

Why do we continue in disobedience when we know what is expected? The question enters into my mind more frequently than I care to admit. Why does humankind choose to ignore the rules; what we have been told is right for our entire lives, yet we decide to throw obedience away? In reading 2 Kings 17:24-31, it… Continue reading Why continue in disobedience?


God’s Lavish Love

Reflections of Romans 12 Because of God’s lavish love and mercy, my life should be radically different from the ways of the world. Transformed from the inside out, and living my daily life and my every breath as a sacrifice to Him. Pride should have no place in my life because it is only by God’s… Continue reading God’s Lavish Love